Episode 107 of the animated implementation of My hero academy got viewers to relive the tragic past of Eraserhead and Present Mic, who lost a close friend while studying in Yuei. However, such an Oboro Shirakumo suddenly seems to have returned to her life.

Called for Tartato, the two UA high school teachers learn that Kurogiri, Tomura Shigaraki's right shoulder, has a lot in common with her former boyfriend, who died in a tragic accident. Apparently All For One has recovered the body of Shirakumo to turn it into a first Nomu prototype.

However, Kurogiri has no memory of his previous life and does not react to input from his alleged friends. However, when Eraserhead and Present Mic, in a sea of ​​tears and desperately insist on an interrogation, Shirakumo suddenly appears in Kurogiri's dark, smoky face. The ex-student can only pronounce one word, β€œhospital”, but that's enough to get the Puzzle pieces.

Hawks, infiltrating the Villain Union base, immediately realizes what is happening. Shigaraki has been taken to the secret ward, where he undergoes scientific treatments to keep his Combat potential. How far will the power of the heir to All For One go? We leave you the key visual of My Villain Academia.

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