The fifth season of the animated My hero academia is accused by the community of believing the Joint Training Arc is too slow and not exactly spectacular. The best is about to start, however; Soon we will get to the heart of the most epic and exciting challenges.

The great protagonist of the rise of the fifth season of My Hero Academia will be Bakugo, ready to put one Iron and fire the rivals of class 1-B. On the other hand, Katsuki has always had trouble controlling his temper and even in the fourth round of the test he will try to blow up everything around him.

However, since his inception at Yuei Bakugo High School, it almost seems that way Another person. The influence of Deku and All Might has softened some aspects of his character, making it clear to him that he is no longer alone and that he can count on the help of his valued teammates. In addition, his goal has changed radically: if he previously only wanted to blow up his opponents, he is now aware that he "has to save people to win and win to save people".

Together with Earphone Jack, Sugarman and Cellophane, Bakugo promises himself and his friends to win the fight in less than five minutes. an unthinkable goal when you think the previous lap is over because the available 20 minutes have passed.

In the past, the blonde budding hero would have left his friends behind and embarked on a lone attack to keep his word, but the new Bakugo has one new way of thinking. Now he's a leader who is determined on both offense and defense and ready to trust and stand up for his teammates.

My Hero Academia episode 5x09 has finally arrived on Crunchyroll. Here is the adrenaline explosion of round four of My Hero Academia 5.

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