The animated series by Boruto: Naruto the next generations continues with the narrative arc dedicated to Kawaki, who has finally adjusted to his new life. After the Hokage has fought and defeated the demons of his past, the boy can now continue his new life. Suddenly, however, he discovers the truth about Naruto.

After Delta's defeat, the Kara organization appears to have been temporarily rejected. In fact, at the moment, no other intern has taken action against the Leaf's ninja to proceed with the recovery of the container. By taking advantage of this Moment of apparent calmKawaki is dedicated to his new life.

In the Boruto episode 200, Kawaki finally decided to accept the protection of the Hokageand asked him to train him in chakra control. In the next episode, which airs on Crunchyroll on May 30th, the karma-imbued boy makes a terrifying discovery about Naruto.

In the Kawaki synopsis published by Animedia Magazine meets Kurama for the first timewhat reveals to him the past of his carrying power. "While Naruto is resting, Kawaki is still trying to fix the flowerpot. Suddenly the nine-tailed fox appears in front of him. Kurama tells Kawaki that he looks like young Naruto. Kawaki listens to Naruto's story and says that one day he would like to be Also, he now seems ready to work with Boruto, who has karma like him. Kawaki intends to defeat Jigene and the Kara with the help of Boruto. "

The Relationship between Kawaki and the HokageTherefore it is getting tighter. In the meantime Mitsuki seems to have managed to free himself from Orochimaru's shadow in Boruto.

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