Chapter 313 of My Hero Academia is available on MangaPlus and once again shows the incredible courage of Deku and All Might. Faced with yet another impossible challenge, the two reacted as real pro heroes, but how will the situation develop? Let's find out together.

<2: As expected from the leaks, Chapter 313 begins with the explosion of All Mights Autoto which the symbol of peace survives thanks to its extraordinary reflections. The hero, now deprived of powers, has to face two villains, but anger at himself for not being able to help Deku is enough to exude an aura so terrible that his opponents withdraw. <2: Meanwhile, the protagonist is still in the middle of a fight with Lady Nagant, the shooter who was hired by All for One to catch the boy. Deku believes she can fool the sniper by zigzagging between buildings, but as we all know, Lady Nagant also has a second quirk given to her by All for One, Air Walk allows her to float in the air and injure the hero multiple times.

Deku begins to understand what is happening and realizes that he can no longer rely on Danger Sense as the Quirk does not allow him to react quickly enough to avoid multiple hits. Wounded and tired, the boy decides to use Smoke Screen to restrict the selected shooter's visibility, and finally prepares to use the third owner's secret quirk. The other owners of One for All try to convince Midoriya to give up and think about something else, since she never had the opportunity to test the new power, but the protagonist doesn't want to know.

Deku hides in the smoke screen and uses some of his equipment as bait, causing Lady Nagant to fire a few misses. At this point, the hero is using the Quirk Fa Jin, whose function is not disclosed, and races through the floors of a building, reaching it in the sky and blocking it.

While we wait to find out how the struggle will go on, we can begin to formulate some hypotheses about how the quirk "Fa Jin" works. The name of the technique is primarily the same as that used and features in the Chinese martial arts the accumulation of force at a certain point on the body and an explosive releasewhat we can compare to the limits of the case with the punch of One-Punch Man. To use it, Deku bends on his knees as if to do a high jump, so it is extremely likely that it will be a boost that will increase the physical current and discharge all of the energy in one big shot . The fact that Deku was able to dissolve several floors of a skyscraper seems to confirm this, but at the moment we are not sure.

<> And what do you think? Did you like the chapter? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, we will remind you of this The appointment with My Hero Academia 314 is set for next Sunday , again at 6 p.m. on MangaPlus.

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