The death of Kentaro Miura came like lightning out of the blue, robbing us of a great artist and the sequel to one of the greatest dark fantasy works of all time. Despite everything, however Berserker remains an incredibly important legacyand fans will never forget Miura's pictures and her iconic cast of characters.

In addition to the wonderful drawings and the incredible story of the author, Berserk also directed Some of the most terrifying creatures ever seen in a print shop, often and willingly on par with the great monstrosities that Junji Ito created. In honor of the mangaka, a twitter page decided to put them in one long thread and we'd like to hear yours, of course.

Below, you can view a dozen images that were user-posted and instantly "liked" by fans of the work. From Nosferatu Zodd to Locus, through Irvine, Raisin and Wyald, Miura created some of the monsters with an unforgettable designand for many it is really difficult to choose just one. As you scroll through the thread, you can also take a look at the artistic quality of the drawings and attention to detail, some of the components that helped make the mangaka stroke legendary.

And what do you think about it What's the best-designed creature in all of Berserker? Tell us in the comments! In the meantime, we are waiting for new information on the continuation of the work, which apparently could be continued by Miura's former assistant.

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