Berserk's father Kentaro Miura died on May 6, 2021. The mangaka died due to an acute aortic dissection and has failed the affection of his loved ones and all of his fans. We can remember him with his works, with works in which he has put a lot of himself and with which he has entertained us for many years.

Although his opus is Magna Berserk, Kentaro Miura has worked on many other manga throughout his career as a manga artist. His passion has been cultivated since he was in elementary and middle school, because he distributed the stories "Miuranger" and "Ken e no Michi" among his companions (The way of the sword) written and drawn by him and which were also published in the school newspaper for various volumes.

here are the Manga produced and published by Kentaro Miura with various publishers over time:

  • Futatabi (return) is a OneShot that appeared in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 1985 and therefore remains one of its first published works;
  • Noa is another OneShot from 1985 that added to the nineteen year old mangaka's experience. It was published in Kodansha Fresh Magazine;
  • He then activated for Berserk and switched to Hakusensha Verlag, with which he published in Young Animal magazine Berserker - the prototype in 1988;
  • Just before he started serializing Berserk, he put the stories in the same magazine Ourou (The Wolf King) e Ourouden (The Legend of the Wolf King) 1989 in two complete volumes;
  • It was in August 1989 official release of BerserkManga that has entertained the whole world to this day;
  • In 1992 he published the story on Young Animal Japan, consisting of 9 chapters collected in a single tankobon;
  • It will then jump with you until 2013 Gigantomachy, Single volume, the chapters of which were published in six editions between 2013 and 2014;
  • Together with Studio Gaga he created 2019 Duranki, a work of which only a few chapters have been published and which will most likely be permanently discontinued.

His career was then expanded through side projects such as participating in the creation of the light novel about Berserk. Miura already misses a lot about the fans, who already pay homage to the missing mangaka in different ways.

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