With the Chapter 72 of Dragon Ball Super, recently arriving on MangaPlus, the saga of Granolah the Survivor has finally come to life. After a long time of preparation, the battle between the Saiyajins and the last cerealian has finally begun.

In addition to MangaPlus, Shueisha's free platform, Chapter 72 of Dragon Ball Super also debuted in the new issue of the monthly V-Jump. To celebrate this simultaneous release, a super animated trailer this brings the events of the chapter to life.

Re-share the clip on Twitter by the DBSHype user Mark the protruding parts this new episode of the adventure. Goku and Vegeta were brought to the planet Cereal by deceiving the Heeter and were immediately attacked by Granolah, who holds a grudge against the Saiyans and Freeza for the extinction of his race.

Goku and Vegeta appear immediately in clear difficultyDespite their training, they can hardly avoid the very precise and powerful blows of the opponent, who manages to move at insane speed. When Kakarot realizes that he has to get serious, it is already late: he is hit at an important point.

Fortunately, Vegeta had brought two senzu beans, one of which is immediately used to heal Goku. Goku is pushed to seek revenge by the Saiyan prince and immediately returns to battle, but this time he shows his full potential, Ultra Instinct combined with Super Saiyan God Blue.

Will he be able to defeat Granolah now? Here's how the fight might end, and when Dragon Ball Super 73 will be released.

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