The situation that unleashed a few chapters ago before Kohei Horikoshi took a break was explained in detail in My Hero Academy. The Gigantomachy Rebellion was, of course, the work of Hitoshi Shinso, the quirky little boy capable of brainwashing people who answer him.

However, the young hero seems to have played a slightly different role than usual, as revealed in My Hero Academy 384. In this situation, Gigantomachia has regained control of its mind as it reacts spontaneously to All for One. However, the gigantic monster is angry and feels betrayed by his former master, and he tells him exactly that, remembering the moments when he was abandoned before being reached by Tomura Shigaraki.

Shinso confirms the situation and explains that Gigantomachy is the second after Deku to be able to get rid of his power. Anyway the Giant fights All for One along with Mount Lady and Tokoyami who unleash their most powerful attacks to keep the villain at bay so that Eri's power lasts to the end. However, several helicopters are now approaching the crime scene, the same ones that were sighted a few chapters ago.

On board are some of the reporters who have observed and told Japan and the world about the villains' recent atrocities and decided to step back into the game this time, at their own risk, to support the heroes. Thanks to her pictures The whole world is looking at Japan, with all the resistance of heroes. Will that be enough to send reinforcements to the protagonists of My Hero Academia before it all falls apart again?

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