The Heroes take it a step further in the Final Act of My Hero Academia. In fact, the students of Yuei High's Class 1-A, one by one, show their strongest punches to try to stop the Supernatural Liberation Front and save what is left of the Hero Society.

Pending the clash between Deku and Tomura Shigaraki, Kohei Horikoshi continues the scenario with All For One. The heroes will use any means necessary to prevent the evil king from reaching his disciple and taking back his body, even relying on a former enemy to do so. But how did this happen?

My Hero Academia 383 goes back to the time when news of Shoto's victory over Dabi broke. At that moment, a large number of villains, led by the Midnight Killer, succeed near the ruins of Jaku's Hospital Release gigantomachy and his unbridled anger.

TO Solving a desperate situation is Mina Ashido, the MVP of this battle. The heroine, known as Pinky, refuses to surrender to the colossal villain again and shows her full potential.

While Mount Lady is being defeated, Shinso is captured by the mud villain and Kirishima helplessly surrenders to the situation. Ashido unleashes his Acidman: Almaa substance so acidic that it also corrodes Gigantomachy.

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