Judgment Day has come in Black Clover chapter 354. The assault on the Clover Kingdom by Lucius Zogratis and his paladins has begun, but companies of Magic Knights have lined up to avoid the worst. There Manga's Final Battle of Tabata has begun.

Black Clover Chapter 355 begins with Sukehiro holding up the lifeless body of Jack, the first doomsday victim. Behind them, William Vangeance launches Lucius Zogratis' attack, which proves too powerful even for the Golden Dawn's captain. William is destroyed with a single blow while Lucius gloriously declares that none of those present have the power to stop him.

Clover's heavens are darkened by Lucius' angels, ready to strike together to destroy the magical kingdom. Avoiding the worst is Yuno Grinberryal who, after expanding a defensive barrier, passes William and collects his baton. Also received the recognition of Sukehiro, Yuno gains the title of Captain of the Golden Dawn.

Yuno will never forgive Lucius for beating his rival Asta and turning his friend Sister Lily into a paladin, but that's not why he will defeat him. Yuno will thus triumph Reclaim the title of the next Magic Emperor. Don't miss the Black Clover 356 spoilers.

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