All for One is the super villain of My Hero Academy who was a full-fledged Dreadlord before the arrival of All Might. He was in control of all of society, had ties to criminal organizations in other countries, and alone was able to strike fear into heroes, civilians, and politicians. His return was real drama.

The world is in turmoil and he is trying to become even stronger, not only by returning to his former glory, but also by acquiring the One for All quirk currently owned by the My Hero Academia protagonist. That's what you are for implanted in Tomura Shigaraki's body, gradually merging with him. For now, the supervillain had managed to take control, but My Hero Academia 379 turned the tables.

Tomura Shigaraki has rebelled against his master. The boy who seemed to have accepted All for One's willingness to merge was actually planning a lot more. In order not to lose himself completely, he hid a small kernel of rebellion in his personality, represented by a small Tenko Shimura and his desire to destroy the world. This way he kept his sanity and at the right time parted ways with All for One and regained control of his body.

A situation that allows Tomura Shigaraki to pursue his goal: the total destruction of society. Now that the young man is free and unbridled, he must face Deku in an all-out battle.

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