The Metropolitan Government of Tokyo launched an alarm last Tuesday, following the registration of 34 new Coronavirus infections. Officials said the increase in cases was largely due to hospital-acquired infections and fervent nightlife in the Shinjuku district.

The Tokyo governor - Yuriko Koike - has urged caution in light of the precarious situation facing the metropolis. In addition, he added that he will consider requests to close businesses if the spread of the virus worsens.

The number of daily infections in Tokyo exceeded 200 on April 17 and then undergo a general decline. On May 23 the city saw only two cases, but for 8 of the 10 following days there was a steady increase of over 10 cases per day.

Last Tuesday was the first day, from May 14th, with more than 30 new cases of COVID-19 in Tokyo. The Tokyo government has indicated seven criteria for monitoring the situation, such as the number of new daily infections, which on average have not exceeded 20 during the past week.

Currently, the government has moved on to the second phase of its rehabilitation program, and soon would have entered the third stage if the number of infections had not suddenly increased.

Kyoto Animation expressed itself, through a statement, following the arrest of the suspect. The animation studio, however, will take some time before it can return to full speed.

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