During the sixth season of the anime My hero academy Providing the bass for the liberation war for the paranormal, in the manga, Kohei Horikoshi seems to have accelerated the tempo of the final act's most anticipated clash, showing the extraordinary power achieved by the protagonist Izuku Midoriya.

In Chapter 368 of My Hero Academia, Deku lashes out at the mass of hands and fingers that Tomura Shigaraki has now completely transformed, turning him into a monstrosity capable of adapting to any situation and outside attack. Show for the first time the power of the second owner of the One For All, viz transmissionWith which he can change the opponent's speed, Midoriya manages to land a series of hits ending with one of the symbolic attacks of the series: The Detroit Smash was inherited from the great All Might.

The level achieved by Deku, combined with his determination to save his companions and, if possible, what's left of Shigaraki beneath this layer of confusion and chaos, sends the protagonist tumbling the most powerful and devastating Detroit smash of the series, which closes the chapter in a spectacular table. And what do you think about the clout? Do you think it can really stop Shigaraki's transformation? Tell us in the comments.

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