Let's continue the summary of the great Mugiwara adventure in ONE PIECE After the synopsis dedicated to the East Blue saga, the fundamental stages that have marked the journey of the protagonists in the are retraced Saga of baroque worksdeveloped over 117 chapters.

Continuing their journey, the Mugiwara reach Reverse Mountain and meet the Lovoon Whale, which they can only overcome thanks to the help of Crocus, the guardian of the area who introduces it the importance of log pose for navigating the Rotta Maggiore.

Arriving at Whiskey Peak with Mr. Nine and Miss Wednesday on board and meeting in Lovoon, the Mugiwara find themselves trapped: all residents are bounty hunters in the service of the Baroque Works organization led by Mr. Zero or the Crocodile the fleet of seven. Miss Wednesday is actually Nefertari Bibi, spy and princess of Alabasta who came there to figure out how to stop the civil war in her kingdom constructed by Crocodile to become her ruler. Determined to help her end the war, the Mugiwara return to the Going Merry.

The crew goes to Little Garden, where they find two giants fighting each other for centuries and other members of the baroque works engaging the protagonists in battle. Thanks to the hint of Sanji, who answered the call of Crocodile in Mr. Three's house, the protagonists make their way to Alabasta.

Nami's sudden illness causes the Mugiwara to stop drum to find a doctor. Including the tragic history of the location, Luffy fights and pushes back Wapol, the ancient and selfish ruler. After the fight, Straw Hat asks Chopper, a small reindeer with strong medical abilities, to join the crew and they leave together.

Arriving in Nanoana, the Mugiwara meet Smoker and are rescued by Ace, Luffy's brother. As he nears the capital, the protagonist faces Crocodile and is quickly defeated. Once in Capital AlubarnaAngered by the uprisings, the protagonists become involved in a series of clashes against members of the baroque works, and in the end Luffy gets revenge by KOing Crocodile.

The saga of baroque works, which runs from chapters 101 to 217, ends with the return of peace in Alabasta and with theJoins archaeologist Nico Robin's crewreal name of Miss All Sunday.

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