The current battlefield is overcast My hero academy is the flying fortress of the Yuei, where Tomura Shigaraki is trapped alone to tend an army of heroes. Unfortunately, however, he manages to keep up with everyone, even the Bakugo Explosion, which seemed to have devastating effects, even on the arena.

On the contrary, Shigaraki suffered little from the attack, while the villain then vented to Bakugo, first breaking his arm and then affecting his psyche as well. The devastation appears to have been immense for the young hero of My Hero Academia, saved by the intervention of the Big Three. But even in this seemingly miserable state, in reality Bakugo wants to win. The boy hasn't given up and is watching Shigaraki closely to understand his movements and counteract him.

My Hero Academia 361 will also have this will to win? Of course, the explosive young hero doesn't seem able to fight, although with the help of Best Jeanist and maybe the support team, he might be able to return to the fight to at least counter the villain. For his part, Shigaraki is still waiting for the right moment to get rid of everyone. However, Horikoshi might choose to change the scenario once more as doing so would risk going too far ahead of Deku's arrival.

My Hero Academia 361 will be released on Sunday July 31, 2022 on MangaPlus.

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