Certainly there were many events that shaped Goku’s life. The Saiyan can trace his entire life back to theMeeting with Bulma at the beginning of Dragon Ball. It was the young inventor of the Capsule Corporation who encouraged the boy to explore the world and face challenges that he could only dream of before.

The beginning of Goku and Bulma’s journey was full of dangers, but also funny moments and children of that time. Among these, we cannot mention the problem Clothes that Bulma had in the first Dragon Ball saga when, shortly after meeting Oolong, she was forced to change clothes and choose a Playboy-style bunny costume that the pig in the RV had. At this point, which lasted very briefly – very few chapters and episodes of Dragon Ball – one of the most represented Bulma in the world of cosplay was born.

And in that regard, cosplayer Mel has offered one to her fans Bulma Bunny Cosplay, then with black bodice, ears on head, fishnet stockings, collar and red bow. Who knows if she will also be mistaken for a member of the rabbit gang and get whatever she wants as briefly happened to Bulma from the anime.

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