The eternal struggle between heroes and villains unfolds in the final act of My hero academy. Theater of destruction and unprecedented clashes, like the confrontation between Shoto and Dabi, the war between the two factions saw the entry of the two best pro heroes against the impersonated evil: All For One, what are the villain's conditions now?

Endeavor has succumbed to All For One's fierce provocations, and acted on instinct, not adhering to the strategy and course of action agreed upon with Hawks, and lashed out at the opponent to be wounded and removed from combat. The arrival of Tsukuyomi and Kyoka was instrumental in the rescue and confession of the two Hawks Number one the time it takes to get up and back up in style.

All the pressures and fears on Endeavor have made him face his own conscience and decide to stand up for the umpteenth time and show everyone that he has earned the title of Number One with dedication, sacrifice and... deserved pain. In a spectacular table from chapter 356, Horikoshi actually shows us the return of Enji just like All For One is playing wild against Hawks and the two boys. Still hurt by the villain's words, Endeavor is now determined to end the fight.

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