In the last few days we had reported this version in 3DCG of the protagonists of My Hero Academia, so the author decided to make a model of the famous one too Character from Himiko Togaand share it on Instagram.

There are numerous fans of the anime, which is inspired by the manga written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi who are curious to see a 3DCG version of the work and the artist Hannu Koskinen decided to please them by making 3D models of the famous characters. After Hannu showed what the different students in Class 1-A would look like, he took care of their opponents. The latest model he created is that of Himiku Toga, which you can admire at the end of the news. Here is his comment: "I finally had time to work on Himiko and finish his mask and gear. I also make a few small changes here and there (details are important). I'm still not convinced of her face shape, but I have to go ahead and keep working on the model and pose (with Uraraka)".

As you can imagine, fans immediately commented on the post, congratulating the artist on his excellent work. Finally if you are looking for del Goods on the seriesPlease note that the surgical masks for My Hero Academia are available.

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Finally some time to work on Himiko again and finish her mask and equipment. I also make a few small changes here and there (details are important 😁). Still not sure what her face looks like overall, but I have to go forward to work on her rigging and posturing (with Uraraka). Oh yeah! I haven't forgotten the survey I promised. You can vote for my next MHA character soon. 😳 I really want to be working on the adult heroes soon ... Endeavor, Aizawa, Rumi, Midnight. Maybe I should finish the trio first? Thank you for your patience! Her # 僕 の ヒ ー ロ ー ア カ デ her #heroacademia #digitalart #instaart #visdev #substancepainter #characterdesign # 3d # digital3d # 3drendering #coronarenderer #zbrush #mha #myheroacademia #bokuno #haohakar

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