On the way to the end of the line My hero academy he is preparing to do his best. With the arrival of international heroes, Shigaraki is back in action, proving immediately that he is even more dangerous than he was during the war.

The transfer of power from All For One to Tomura Shigaraki is almost complete. According to the information, the process has actually been achieved approx. 97-98%. As evidence of this, a never-before-seen detail appeared on the palm of Nana Shimura's nephew.

At the beginning of the fight with Star and Stripe, the All Might-inspired number one heroine of the United States of America, you can see Tomura's palm on the palm of your hand a little hole. For those who still haven't got it, this opening makes All For One possible steal the quirks from others. Therefore, at the moment, although the transformation is not yet complete, Shigaraki can access most of his master's powers.

The villain's current target, as revealed by All For One itself, is the Quirk of Star and stripes. She, who came from the US to save Japanese society, could be the first victim of the "new" Shigaraki, but also a source of immense power that could be exploited for the evil plans of the front.

Who will stop All For One and Shigaraki? We leave you to an in-depth analysis of My Hero Academia 330 recently published on MangaPlus, as well as the My Hero Academia chapter 331 release date and theories.

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