The situation seemed destined to get worse and worse, in a spiral of despair and constant destruction. Deku had come to a point where he risked not being able to return, but like him he saved so many civilians, other heroes from My Hero Academia have come to save him.

Those heroes were his top classmates, these kids with whom he made important connections over the past year. Uraraka and the others had not resigned themselves and decided to prevent the protagonist of My Hero Academia from doing everything alone. The fight, her words and gestures, and Deku's great weariness did the rest and convinced the boy to retrace his steps.

Now that it's back to the Yuei What will happen in My Hero Academia 323?? Deku is safe, despite some grumbling civilians inside the fortress. The action is likely to stay out for a while, and that could trigger two mini-arcs: either Deku needs to speak to All Might and the others to figure out what to do next, or we can spend some time with the villains. There is also the question of the heroes from the rest of the world from My Hero Academia who will surely make their appearance.

Indeed, the position and role of some of them have yet to be clarified, from Dabi to the Runaway Spot and many others. The moment of the frontal battle between the two sides doesn't seem to have come yet, so it may be a while before we see other missions. My Hero Academia 323 will be released on August 22, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. on MangaPlus.

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