Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean was officially revealed on August 8th and fans can’t wait to enjoy this new adventure from Hirohiko Araki and David Production. The most excited person, however is undoubtedly the voice actress Ai Fairouz, who recently explained the reasons for his love for the protagonist Jolyne Kujo in an interview.

Ai Fairouz had already spoken about part 6 last April and stated the following: “I can’t live without Jojo. This series convinced me to take up this profession, and when the production confirmed me for the role, I cried for hours. I love Jolyne and I am grateful to be able to lend her my voice!“.

During the presentation event on August 8th the girl was talking about the character again, reveals the qualities that make it so special in his eyes: “All the protagonists seen so far are very strong from the start. Sure, they have weaknesses and grow a lot as the adventure progresses, but they are all very competent at the beginning of the story […] With Jolyne it’s different when the audience first meets them, they see a kind of spoiled little girl who complains about everything without having a goal in mind. Over time, however Jolyne is not only growing physically, but also mentally, and becomes very strong. His trip is amazing and he was a great inspiration to me. It taught me to face my fears“.

It is clear that for Ai Fairouz Jojo is much more than just an anime, and from December all fans can finally experience the fruits of his labor.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean will debut exclusively on Netflix in December 2021. The US streaming giant recently shared the anime’s recap and first trailer.

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