Every month, Netflix enriches its catalog with films, TV series and anime. The latter sector is growing slowly between purchases of classic products, current proposals and souls created especially for the platform. Netflix will also add more anime in August.

What are the Anime will be released on Netflix between August 9th and 15th 2021? We'll start, of course, with Shaman King, the remake of the 2001 anime that has only recently aired in the motherland. Yoh Asakura we all know him well, he is a shaman who wants to lead a quiet and peaceful life, but his origins do not allow this. So he will have to have a long journey ahead of him to become the shaman king, the king of shamans. Netflix made the first 13 episodes of the anime available, over time it will add the rest in blocks as well, as they air in Japan.

The second title this week is this Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild Movie. A not without surprises presented 3DCG fictional film based on the well-known video game saga that leads us to watch the story of the young Aiden, a monster hunter who will deal with creatures more dangerous than expected. The arrival is planned for August 12, 2021.

Finally one of the blockbusters of the last few years that is being renewed again. The Attack of the Giants Season 4, Part 1 will hit Netflix on Sunday, August 15, 2021. Announced a few weeks ago, the first 16 episodes of the fourth and final season of the anime will soon be available on the platform and take us into the battered world of Eren Jaeger and his companions. In the midst of a full blown war, everything will change forever this time.

Which of the three Netflix anime are you waiting for the most and which are you going to watch? You can also check out our Must-Watch Anime list on Netflix.

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