Hope seemed faded, but a hand came to rekindle that flame. Deku is in critical condition, but the help of his friends can get him back on track. My Hero Academia 322 brings one of the most difficult phases for the protagonist to a close.

Iida's flying handshake appears to be temporary prevented Izuku Midoriya from escaping. The protagonist of My Hero Academia, on the other hand, wants to free himself, but he no longer has the strength when he is pulled down by the weight of his classmate. Uraraka has actually deactivated his power and Kirishima is lying on the ground to grab them both. Deku then finds himself face to face with Bakugo, who with an open heart reveals the reason for his harassment towards him over the years.

After all, that is explosive young hero apologizes by calling Deku "Izuku". Even the protagonist of My Hero Academia apologizes to the others for his words, then collapses from fatigue and wakes up in front of the Yuei with the heroine Thirteen. The school has become a fortress that welcomes many civilians, but they are not particularly happy to see Deku. Everyone understands that he is the boy Shigaraki is persecuting and they don't want to take any chances.

Deku starts to walk and turns his back on him, but Uraraka blocks him by taking his hand. The girl is determined to save the heroes in need of help with the look on her face that completes My Hero Academia 322.

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