The fantastic world of The witcher It is interesting and varied thanks to its presence in different media that interpreted the fantasy saga of Andrzej Sapkowski in many ways. But if one thing remains the same between the different sagas, it is the presence of some basic characters. On the list is of course the witcher Geralt von Rivia.

The protagonist of The Witcher surrounded himself with characters important to him during his adventures. Yennefer, the young Ciri and the sorceress of Maribor, Triss Merigold. The latter is certainly one of the most adorable women in history, and we see her represented in various ways throughout the video game saga and Netflix series. The cosplayer Sawaka, who we have already introduced to you with her Black Widow Cosplay over the last few weeks, has decided to play her in a disguise that she recently posted photos of.

You can see them below Triss Merigold Cosplay from The Witcher with her long, well inlaid green dress, which also reveals the fabrics underneath. The red hair that is tied behind the head shows the tiara tied on the forehead, while behind it there are various scenarios of a 19th century villa that give the character an excellent atmosphere. What do you think of this cosplay that garnered a lot of upvotes on Reddit?

Recently, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf was featured in a trailer, a Netflix animation project that will continue to expand the world of the witcher.

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