On the one hand in Record of Ragnarok we have the deities, superior and proud beings, irascible and capricious, from different mythologies and religions that are scattered all over the world. We even scattered the famous Zeus, the Greek father of gods, the divine Thor with his dazzling hammer, the Orientals Shiva and Zeroshiki and many others, even in the audience.

However, in the first season of the Netflix series, we also saw the other side of the field occupied by humans, those poor unfortunates who succumb to the wrath of the records of the Ragnarok gods. Thanks to the help of Valkyrie Brunhilde, the strongest people will dare to challenge the gods. The first to step into the field was him Chinese warrior Lü Bu. Let's find out its real story.

Lived between 156 and 199 AD, in the middle of the Three Kingdoms - a period of Chinese history full of battles - is is considered the strongest warrior of his time. The military career began under the wing of Ding Yuan, the imperial prefect who continued to follow to put down the Yellow Turban Rebellion, an event that marked the beginning of the warlike phase in China.

When the revolt ended, Imperial Prefect Dong Zhuo convinced him to take his side in exchange for his red horse, Scarlet Hare, but in return he had to kill Ding Yuan. Lü Bu entered the service of the new nobleman, He was also nicknamed Fengxian, the flying general. In the following years he proved to be a truly formidable fighter, also defeating Zhang Fei, Guan Yu and Liu Bei, three brothers who were recognized as excellent warriors and whose names still circulate in the chronicles of the time.

Unfortunately, not everything went in Dong Zhuo's favor: the protector of Lü Bu first lost a battle and had to relocate the capital, then fell victim to the plot of Wang Yun, an elderly minister who exploited the leader himself. Lü Bu came to Dong Zhuo. to killmaking him a traitor and forced to flee after the siege of the imperial city of Li Jue and Guo Si.

He sought refuge with Yuan Shao, from whom he broke away shortly afterwards, and was then defeated by Cao Cao. Still on the run that Fengxian will manage to conquer Xu Province by defeating Liu Bei. betrayswho made him governor of Xiaopei City. However, Liu Bei did not give up and asked for help from Cao Cao, who had already defeated Lü Bu. The latter turned out to be a poor commander, leading to the betrayal of many of his officers who took him to Cao Cao. Strangled, he died in 199.

Do you know the true story of the samurai Sasaki Kojiro who appeared in the third encounter of Record of Ragnarok?

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