During the announcement of the fifth season of My hero academia has brought the anime fans' spotlight back to the work of Kohei Horikoshi. Fans of the manga are always surprised by the extraordinary events that angered Deku and his companions in the last few chapters and do not hesitate to post their reactions on social networks.

The final table in chapter 285 had made readers breathless and shown how Bakugo decided to use his own body to protect Midoriya from the devastating attack of Shigaraki's All For One. After being brutally hit Bakugo falls to the floor, unconsciousand we see Deku beating the villain again, angry like never before.

This frontal attack by Midoriya allows All For One to steal the young hero's quirk, but things "work out" in unexpected ways. We are actually in the tormented mind of Tomura ShigarakiA development that could lead to a direct confrontation between the two quirks and provoked a number of reactions on social networks that are downright funny and confusing from what has just been read and underscore the passion of the fans for Horikoshi's work.

As you can see in the posts at the bottom of the news, many have focused on this show the magnificent tablets of chapter 286While others have openly admitted that they are facing an untenable and fantastic series of intense emotions and memorable clashes. Recall that the One appears to be in grave danger for all, and we leave you to a nice what-if about another possible heir of all to one.

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