Nier Automata: is a video game that has caught a lot of gamers in recent years. In reality, published on various platforms, the story is in reality a distant sequel to Drakensang, from which the Nier saga emerged. Before Automata, however, there was the video game Nier Replicant, which recently received a reboot.

There Nier saga has also conquered in this new version. However, 2B, the Android protagonist of NieR: Automata, remains in the spotlight. With a Gothic Lolita style, 2B has managed to carve out a prominent role and also get a lot of thematic cosplay. There have been many models on Instagram who over time have suggested disguises for the robot protagonist.

One of them was Hane Ames 2B, which went viral. However, in the past few days, Shirogane-sama, a hugely popular Russian model and one of the most famous in the industry, has returned to the office. In the post below that provides two photos with 2B, Shirogane shows us her cosplay of the protagonist of Nier Automata. Even with a different dress than the one in the video game, this 2B looks attractive and adorable.

What do you say? 2B cosplay of the model?

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