Sasha Blouse is a very famous and important character in The Attack of the Giants. She is one of the soldiers who entered the same generation as Eren Jaeger and has therefore been featured since the first episodes of the anime's first season. THE Fans love it and they often gave her nicknames for her character, like "Potato Girl".

In fact, on her first appearance, Sasha was found eating a potato while Keith Shadis wandered among the recruits. Hence the character's nickname de The attack of the giantsbut he soon showed a particular obsession with all kinds of foods, especially meat, a valuable food because of the few pastures within the walls.

During the first season of Attack of the Giants, she steals meat from the warehouses, and there was one scene in particular that showed her greed. That scene comes back with you now Low cost cosplay by Sasha Blouse made by the now famous Lonelyman. Below is the photo with the three-stage realization of the character that inevitably went viral.

In the meantime, let's retrace Sasha Blouse's key moments in The Attack of the Giants, as well as a cosplay theme dedicated to her, The Attack of the Giants.

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