The Namekkian breed is mysterious and endowed with special powers. This was a big part of the series' engine, particularly through the creation of the Dragon Balls, objects that began Goku's journey. We then got to know them better in the Freeza saga and now they seem to be getting deeper into it.

The Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super actually introduced a new character, Monaitowho, to everyone's surprise, is really a Namekk. We still know little about him, but we do know that he is a very old person who lived over 500 years. He is the last member of the Namekkians left on planet Grain while the others moved to planet Namek. It is not known if he created the Cereal Dragon Balls, small and limited to two instead of the usual seven.

For Granolah, Monaito is almost a parental figureand repeatedly reprimanded him for using the Dragon Balls correctly. On a physical level, he looks like an older Namekk, very similar to others we've seen throughout the series, like Kami before joining Piccolo. Monaito will certainly be important in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70, a chapter that helps us understand whether Granolah sees his wish granted or not.

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