It all seemed a few chapters ago when the protagonists of My Hero Academia they broke into the lab and found Tomura Shigaraki beat-free. However, the villain managed to awaken from induced sleep and began his wave of destruction.

Thanks to the powers of All for One and its native quirk, Decay, Tomura Shigaraki had destroyed the laboratory and the whole surrounding area also killing many heroes who were nearby. This forced some professionals to retire, counting on who could fly and avoid the spread of that lethal power.

With the laboratory in pieces, it was thought that even the monstrous nomu had finally been killed by the extraordinary power of Shigaraki's quirk. However in the chapter 276 of My Hero Academia it has been proven that this is not the case. As Shigaraki decides to rush into Eraserhead to end the cancellation of powers, he brings out some nomu that he has managed not to destroy, showing that he has gained new control of his ability.

Fortunately the nomu are not as high-end as the previous ones but, as confirmed by the villains, however they are at a high level of power and above all, there are many. The heroes are now exhausted, will they be able to cope with this new wave as they fight with Shigaraki?

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