That Shigaraki had become powerful already during the narrative arc called “My Villain Academia” was clear. Fans of My Hero Academia however, they did not think about how it would all develop with the possibilities that will open from now on.

Chapter 272 of My Hero Academia, after a few months of tribulation, made us review a Tomura Shigaraki alive and well. Beside X-Less, the hero who remained near the capsule where the villain had been locked since the end of the operation, the man says he is cold. After a while, a wave of decay and destruction spread throughout the laboratory making it clear that Shigaraki has used all his power.

Outside the structure there is Deku who is sensing the arrival of the wave of evil and does 45% use of One for All, as we’ve never seen them do before. The protagonist of My Hero Academia has grown again and could lead to a duel with Shigaraki that will remain in history. Fans were naturally appalled by what they read.

On Twitter, many reactions were triggered on the two factions and their respective flags. There are those who comically share a pile of dust or memes on Thanos to simulate (and spoil) the arrival of Shigaraki and those who are happy to see the new progress of Deku. We will certainly see some beautiful ones in My Hero Academia in the next period, you are expecting the final battle between Midoriya and Shigaraki?

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