The third season of Mob Psycho 100 moves towards the end and with it the entire anime. The BONES studio production based on the manga of the same name, ONE, has so far staged breathtaking fights that alternate with very funny scenes and exciting moments, which culminated in Episode 6 of Mob Psycho 100 III.

After Mob Psycho 100 3x06 we saw two episodes in which mob Shortly before graduating from high school, he returned to school with his classmates. However, starting from episode 3x08, the final arc of the series will begin, which will lead Shigeo to face a very big threat.

To introduce the latest episodes of the series, study BONES has released a teaser for Mob Psycho 100 IIIwhich you can see in @'s tweetsmooth leaks at the end of this message. In it we find the city of Mob totally destroyed, all the protagonists of the series fighting right there. Mob, Teruki Hanazawa and also Reigen: The final fight promises to be truly spectacular.

Mob Psycho 100 III receives many compliments from fans this fall season 2022 and it is not at all disfiguring in front of other giants like Chainsaw Man and My Hero Academia. The author of Mob Psycho 100 ONE, who created an illustration to celebrate the third season, can only be satisfied with the results of the animated adaptation of BONES, a real pearl of Japanese animation.

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