December 17th is the date that all fans of Naruto marked in the calendar. On this day, in fact, the veils will be removed over the mysterious project linked to the work of Masashi Kishimoto. News in this regard will arrive as absolute previews in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Naruto will be the big protagonist at the Jump Festa with a mysterious announcement that has raised the noise of the community. At the moment it is not yet known what it could be, but soon more information will be disseminated around.

On Weekly Shonen Jump #1 Issue of 2023 It seems that readers will find new details about NARUTO TV Anime's 20th Anniversary. But what will we find in the magazine published by Shueisha? At the moment there are many possibilities regarding the announcement of the Jump Festa.

The first and most desirable option is to produce an anime remake of Naruto, based on the short film released on the occasion 20th anniversary of the anime series. However, Studio Pierrot is currently working on Boruto's weekly anime: Naruto Next Generations and supporting both productions seems complicated.

There is also the possibility of displaying a Movie or an anime spin-off about Boruto/Naruto. Given the recent manga adaptation by Sasuke Retsuden, the novel may also be adapted as an anime. In any case, should this prove true, the Boruto anime would be paused to give the manga a chance to take up more space and Studio Pierrot to focus on the new project.

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