A couple of hours ago during the live event OreGairu Fes FINAL Organized by Shogakukan, it has been confirmed that the anime based on the work of Wataru Watari will receive an OVA during the course of 2021, which will be set immediately after the events of Oregairu 3. As if that wasn't enough, a new project called Oregairu: Ketsu.

The OVA will debut immediately after the launch of the new video game Oregairu, came to Japan in 2021 and was made to promote the game. The development team has confirmed that the additional episode will be discontinued immediately after the events of the third season and could be a direct adaptation of the special chapter included in the home video release last September.

For the new project it was only announced that it would be titled Yahari Ore no Seishun love comedy wa Machigatteiru. Ketsu, or if you prefer Oregairu: Ketsu (translatable as "Oregairu: the conclusion") which will be released in the near future. At the moment it has not been confirmed whether it is a novel or an anime, or whether it is a direct sequel or not. However, some rumors speak of it two possible alternative bikes for the season finale.

In season 3 of Oregairu, Hachiman had to choose between Yukino, Yui and Irohaand of course, the final decision - which we won't talk about to avoid spoilers - broke the hearts of the other two girls. Wataru Watari may have opted for alternative We Never Learn-style routes, but nothing is official at the moment. Further details will be announced in the following months.

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