Last year, Nakaba Suzuki summed up the story he's told in Weekly Shonen Magazine for nearly a decade. The seven deadly sins were not without flaws, but they entertained and enjoyed themselves and made readers love this world inspired by the Arthurian Cycles. And it's from the same universe born four knights of the apocalypse.

Four Knights of Apocalypse takes place a few years after the first series was completed and initially has unreleased characters with a completely unknown story to tell. Even in the first chapters, however, the hypothesis of a return of the children of the seven deadly sins as knights of the apocalypse was put forward. The group of four characters that will upset the fate of Britannia is likely to be formed by some people we have already seen.

In a recent interview published in Nanatsu no Taizai Character List - The Lives of the Heroes of Britannia, Mangaka Nakaba Suzuki confirmed this in The future will also come for the son of King and Diane. By reworking the Arthurian Myth a little, the author will bring this mysterious character to the stage, but he won't be the only one. In fact, he anticipated it at some point in history Some of the seven deadly sins will appear. All of this is not meant to be shown until later, however, after Percival's story matures.

You look forward to seeing the legends again Seven deadly sins are also at work in Four Knights of Apocalypse?

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