The BOOM! Publishing house Studios has announced a new comic series about Capcom's iconic robot, Mega Man: Fully Charged, based on the television adaptation of the same name. Serialization will consist of six outputs.

The series, created in partnership with WildBrain Ltd and Dentsu Entertainment USA, is written by the authors A.J. Marchisello and Marcus Rinehart, with drawings by Stefano Simeone. The first two spoke with the following statements about their new adventure:

"After working on the television series Mega Man: Full Charged, we are honored to help adapt this story from the small screen to the print media. The interpretation of Man of Action is the dream of any Mega Man fan, and thanks to BOOM! Studios that dream has come true. "

The BOOM! Publisher Studios has released a short series synopsis, which we report below:

"After Mega Man's father, Dr. Light, has been kidnapped, a shocking truth shocks the world of Mega Man, as it seems that the Robot Masters have discovered his secrets. But, while Dr. Willy's machinations do re-emerging the forgotten memories of Mega Man on the brutal war between man and robot, our hero questions his identity and wonders if he can still believe in something or someone - including the man he calls his father ".

Mega Man: Fully Charged # 1 will hit the market in August. However, BOOM! Studios has made it clear that the release date may be due to the Coronavirus emergency.

Meanwhile, there is a new Mega Man in development, but it is not necessarily Mega Man 12. Have you seen the recent illustration of Mega Man created by the artist Yusuke Murata?

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