In a power move, Kadokawa and P.A.WORKS studios have dropped the bombshell announcement. They're rolling out a fresh anime original, dubbed “Mayonaka Punch (Midnight Punch)”. Fans, mark your calendars for the Summer-2024 (July-September) season premiere. The buzz is real, but the plot? Shrouded in mystery, as the big reveal kept it under wraps.

Production Squad on Deck

  • Shuu Honma, known for hits like Paripi Koumei, takes the helm at P.A.WORKS.
  • Scriptwriting maverick Hideaki Shirasaka, another Paripi Koumei alum, oversees the narrative.
  • Character design whiz Ryouta Arima, with creds like Jigokuraku, brings the visuals to life, inspired by Tsukasa Kotobuki's original designs.

Mayonaka Punch

Peek into Mayonaka Punch

“Mayonaka Punch” throws a comedic punchline into the mix, spotlighting "NewTubers" streaming their hearts out on the world's largest video-sharing platform, “NewTube”. The duo gracing the promo image are Masaki (chillin' below) and Ribu (riding high). The project's not stopping at anime; it's a multimedia blitz with a manga and novel adaptation on the horizon. Tomomi Usui of Cube Arts fame is set to launch the manga in Kadokawa's Monthly Young Ace April 2024 issue, dropping March 4th.

Source: Comic Natalie


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