The buzz is real for Kaito's light novel series "A Nobody's Way Up to an Exploration Hero" (Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan), as the first promotional video drops. Fans are hyped with the announcement that the anime is set to premiere in Japan later this year.

Since its inception on the indie platform Shousetsuka ni Narou in 2019, the series has been a hit. Hobby Japan upped the game, publishing it in print with Almic's illustrations from July 2021. Plus, a manga adaptation by Terio Teri has been gracing the pages of Dokodemo Young Champion since August 2021.

Voice Cast

  • Yuuya Hozumi brings life to Kaito Takagi.
  • Kana Hanazawa voices the enchanting Sylphy.

Production Team

  • Tomoki Kobayashi, known for Steins;Gate and Akame ga Kill!, directs at Studio Gekkou.
  • Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, with credits like Black Clover, pens and supervises the scripts.
  • Shouko Yasuda designs the characters and leads the animation direction.
  • Keiji Inai composes the soundtrack, ensuring an epic auditory experience.

Synopsis of A Nobody's Way Up to an Exploration Hero

Kaito Takagi, a high schooler with no clout, a background character in life, was just your average dungeon explorer, slaying slimes for cash and secretly admiring the class queen from afar. But his life flips when he defeats a never-before-seen golden slime and loots a servant card that summons mythical beings. Summoning a warrior maiden of unparalleled beauty, Kaito's days as a background explorer are over. A modern fantasy battle tale unfolds!

Source: Comic Natalie

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