The official site for the brand-new anime by P.A.WORKS and, titled Na Nare Hana Nare, has dropped a fresh promotional video. It introduces the voice cast and production crew, hinting that the launch is slated for later this year in Japan.

The core of Na Nare Hana Nare celebrates the power of encouragement. It transcends entertainment, prompting viewers to ponder the role of support in life. The journey through its character-rich world, shaped by creative geniuses, reminds us: every cheer has a story. A story potent enough to stir hearts and, possibly, shift the world's axis.

Voice Cast Revealed

  • Rika Nakagawa breathes life into Kanta Misora.
  • Yuki Nakashima voices the vibrant Suzuha Obunai.
  • Rarisa Tago Takeda steps into the shoes of Anna Aveiro.
  • Manaka Iwami becomes Nodoka Ootani.
  • Moe Kahara gives voice to Shion Tanizaki.
  • Miku Itou portrays Megumi Kaionji with zeal.

Production Team at the Helm

  • Koudai Kakimoto, known for Toji no Miko and BanG Dream!, takes the directorial reins at P.A.WORKS and oversees scriptwriting.
  • Kanami Sekiguchi brings characters to life with designs and animation direction, boasting credits from Charlotte to Sakura Quest.
  • Yuniko Ayana and Midori Gotou, scriptwriters with works like Given and Hoozuki no Reitetsu under their belts, collaborate on the screenplay.

Synopsis of Na Nare Hana Nare

"Where does the urge to cheer someone on come from?" Six high school girls, each with unique hobbies, skills, and personalities, grapple with their own concerns. They run, shout, clash, and daydream... When their pure desire to support aligns, their cheers echo in the hearts they touch. The encouragement of these six girls from Gunma High School might just nudge the world a little...

Source: Comic Natalie

(c) Na Nare Project / Na Nare Hana Nare Production Committee なれなれプロジェクト/菜なれ花なれ製作委員会

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