In Italy we have many historical voice actors who have participated in important projects including cinema, series, anime and video games. Among the best known in the sector is Emanuela Pacotto, Bulma’s historical voice of Dragon Ball, as well as Claudio Moneta’s voice of Kakashi. In recent years, however, Maurizio Merluzzo has also emerged, who has worked on My Hero Academia.

Maurizio Merluzzo is a voice actor and youtuber born in 1986 which has established itself in the dubbing scene in recent years. His popularity is growing year by year and he has found himself giving voice to many important characters in the world of animation. Let’s see the five most important characters of the souls dubbed by Maurizio Merluzzo.

  • One of the roles in which he is known is that of You know about Naruto, the ninja who was once under the orders of Danzo.
  • Then there is another role among the oldest on this list, that is Ling Yao of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The new anime series based on the manga of Hiromu Arakawa introduced this character of Xing, absent in the first series, and the voice was entrusted to Maurizio Merluzzo.
  • We advance towards more recent times with Renji Abarai of Bleach. Unfortunately, as you know, the anime has never been dubbed in Italy but some products have not had the same fate. This is the case of Bleach: Memories of Nobody and Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion where Renji was voiced by Maurizio Merluzzo.
  • In more recent times, Cod has given its voice to Mirio Togata, the young hero of My Hero Academia and that we met during the third season. However, the Yuei’s Big Three highlighted all of his skills and the importance of his role during the recent fourth season.
  • Finally, after many roles as an ally of the good guys, there is also a villain among the ranks of the voiceovers of Cod: we are talking about Zamasu, the villain around which an entire arc of Dragon Ball Super is rotated.

Obviously, Cod’s career does not only revolve around these five roles, having dedicated himself a lot to the anime scene. Other noteworthy roles are Fate / stay night’s Archer: Unlimited Blade Works, Lord Boros of One-Punch Man and Oga Tatsumi of Beelzebub while recently he also lent his voice to a 2019 anime revelation character, Demon Slayer with Tengen Uzui.

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