Dabi started bumping into Shoto Todoroki for any chapter. The two brothers are now engaged in a high-intensity confrontation of ice and fire, just as the heroes' plans foresaw. My Hero Academia 353 confirmed the win, which was useful to boost everyone's morale.

After Shoto fully obtains the Glacial Strike, Daby passed out and was handcuffed and blocked from nearby heroes. In this way he seems to have been permanently sidelined. However, a certain cartoon from My Hero Academia suggests otherwise.

In the finale of chapter 353, after Spinner's monologue and thoughts, it was seen that Dabi rejected further All for One quirks. But there is one panel where a small white sphere appears to be glowing right in the middle of Dabi's chest. What is this light and what will it do to Dabi? It is not said that the answer will come in My Hero Academia 354 who could focus on something else instead.

Dabi could still return even if her role seems to be over. could get it an evolution of the Quirk and rise as a blue phoenix, a very popular theory that has been circulating the web among My Hero Academia fans for the past few days. Or All for One may have built in a defense mechanism like that used on Lady Nagant.

We won't find out what the truth will be for a few weeks, but there is no doubt that the light that emanated from Dabi is something special and important.

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