In the beginning it was Goku and Vegeta versus Granolah, with the two Saiyans and the Cereleans fighting on the planet Cereal. And then Dragon Ball Super decided to completely change the cards on the table Getting Granolah to give up the desire for revenge on the two protagonists and instead focus on the Heeters, especially Gas.

The little guy who used to be the strongest member of the Heeter family managed to get even stronger Request expressed by Elec in Toronbo. Now he is the strongest warrior in the galaxy and first faced Granolah, then for a short time also Goku and Vegeta, exhausted. Goku managed to push him away and buy time.

Well, Goku and Vegeta activated the divine transformations and fought against Gas by facing him at the same time and no longer separately. But will they be enough? Indeed, the power of the Heeter seems to be superior. Who will defeat Gas in Dragon Ball Super?? Initially, it appeared that Granolah was the predestined one, but that possibility was greatly reduced after Baddack's flashback, which caused the two Saiyans to return to battle at the maximum of their strength.

Chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super will make clear the path Toyotaro has chosen. At the moment this is possible Granolah comes to support Goku and Vegeta, with all three beginning to fight gas. Or the Cerelean is used to give the two Saiyans time and space in view of a fusion in Gogeta that will get rid of the opponent once and for all.

Who do you think will defeat Gas Heeter?? The appointment with Dragon Ball Super is scheduled for next month.

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