After various notices were disseminated in the past few hours, the Marvel Comics officially launched Wolverine: Black, White & Blood, a new anthology series that focuses on the character of Logan. The release is currently planned for the month of November.

The artistic realm of the series will be characterized by the ubiquitous presence of black and white, accompanied by shades of red. Each issue of the series contains three stories that tell the most varied moments in Wolverine's life.

The first release will feature a creative team made up of Gerry Duggan, Adam Kubert and Joshua Cassara and Matthew Rosenberg. For the following editions, we expect the participation of famous signatures from the publisher, including Vita Ayala, Chris Claremont, Saladin Ahmed, Donny Cates, Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson, Greg Land, Salvador Larroca, Kev Walker and Chris Bachalo. Leonard Kirk.

Marvel editor Mark Basso expressed all his excitement for the start of this new project:

"I can't help but emphasize how exciting it is to see the great creative team behind the series work. It may sound a bit clichΓ©d, but you've never seen anything like it from Marvel, and only a tiny fraction of you could see of it. the first number".

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