The universe Marvel Comics has been completely flipped over on the pages of Heroes Reborn, a series of events that re-contextualizes all of the heroes and villains of the American house. Among them, of course, is Thanos, the antagonist who should put an end to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The fourth volume of Heroes Reborn by Jason Aaron and James Stokoe was created a new hierarchy Power among Marvel characters, revealing the existence of a hero who alone is capable of destroying the maddened titan.

The book begins with the story of the new incarnation of Doctor Spectrum, a character inspired by DC's Green Lantern who has the ability to project and manipulate energy using his Power Prism Energie. Thanks to his weapon, he projects energy, and in the course of the tape Doctor Spectrum manages to seriously injure Thanos in the hand he carried the infinity stones.

This is definitely a setback for the Titan, an insult to his reputation as the most powerful antagonist in the Marvel Universe. In fact, we've seen him easily defeat the Avengers in the cinematic universe, while literally being on the pages of Heroes Reborn # 4 humiliated by Doctor Spectrum.

What do you think of this blow Thanos suffered? Black Panther ended, but writer Ta-Nehisi slammed Marvel Comics in a colleague's defense.

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