The long-awaited return is finally here! In the new episode of Pokémon exploration Gary Oak is back on the scene, but instead of battling his longtime rival, protagonist Ash Ketchum, he's teamed up with him to face a legendary being.

The new animated series Pokémon Explorations takes Ash Ketchum, accompanied by his beginner Go, through all regions of the Pokémon world. The iconic protagonist after Galar and Unova has returned homeSo to Biancavilla, the place from which his legendary adventure began.

While visiting Professor Oak's lab, Ash and Go discover that Gary, the first unforgettable rival, has also returned to Kanto try to catch Moltres. The trio follows him to a nearby plain and actually comes across the legendary Firebird.

To challenge Moltres, Gary unleashes his Blastoise while Ash relies on Infernape. Despite this unusual alliance, Moltres is manages to get away with itbut not without losing a fiery feather after one last blow.

What do you think of this couple fight between two old rivals? Would you like to see a challenge between them? After waiting 10 years, Ash is back with his Pokémon team. Here's Moltres' appearance in the Pokémon Explorations 68 preview.

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