After the Seventh Hokage fended off the attacks of the Kara organization, driven by Kawaki's desires, he subjects his new godson to severe training in order to control the chakra. In the next episode of Boruto: Naruto the next generations Sasuke will make a disturbing discovery.

As the synopsis of Boruto 202 shows, Sasuke Uchiha will search for traces of the data that were obtained with the receptacle during the accident of the airship. This examination of him will lead him to discover a lot Secrets of the Kara Organization, the criminal group attacking Kawaki and thus Konoha.

Apparently the Kara have a fortress Connection with the Otsutsuki, Clan of Heavenly Beings, to which Kaguya and Momoshiki belonged. Karma, a seal engraved on both Kawaki and Boruto, seems to somehow connect the Kara organization and the Otsutsuki. But what will Sasuke discover?

By doing Thumbnails Shared on Twitter by user Abdul S17, thanks to his eye arts, Uchiha will be able to invade a place that seems to be of vital importance to both Kara and Otsutsuki. However, at the moment it is not yet clear what the connection between Jigen and the heavenly beings is.

Here is the meeting between Kawaki and the Nine-Tails Fox in Boruto 201. Let's find out the results of the popularity poll on Boruto.

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