From the colossal giant that appeared in the very first episode of Attack of the Giants, we knew some creatures of these man-eating monsters with special abilities. These are the nine giants, a group that we have seen almost in full. At the moment, however, it is missing The last component we'll see in Attack of the Giants 4.

We met in episode 4x04 of Attack of the Giants Willy Tybur, a prominent Marley character who turns out to be a special Eldian. In fact, he is and is part of a family that betrayed the Fritz Dynasty and allied with Marley to achieve a special status within the empire Family guardian of the power of the giant hammer.

This is the only one of the nine giants that has not yet been featured in the anime, even if we were able to see it for a few seconds in the trailer released by Studio MAPPA a few months ago. It seems, therefore, that Willy has the Giant Hammer's power or otherwise knows who has it as a member of his family. With the war on the way and Eren Jaeger's return, it's possible that we'll see Finally the giant hammer in action within a month or so of the anime returning from the New Year break.

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