After almost a year of waiting, we can finally take part in the Infinite Destinies event, the saga opened by Marvel Comics That will happen in eight episodes. Here is the announcement of the last three yearbooks of this series of events.

The best Marvel heroes are all too familiar with the destruction they bring Gems of the Infinite You can cause and are determined to prevent this incredible power from falling into the wrong hands again. In each of the eight volumes of this saga, an icon will collide or team up with a rising star while the Marvel Universe floats in the air.

The story of Infinite Destinies will be found in the Three new Marvel yearbooks announced, namely Miles Morales: Spider-Man Annual, Guardians of the Galaxy Annual, and Avengers Annual.

In the first part of this trio, written by Saladin Ahmed and Jed MacKay, Miles will work with the successful hero Amulet. Together they will face a series of attacks in Brooklyn and discover a series of cursed magical items. The first volume will come out on August 4th.

By Al Ewing and Jed MacKay and on August 18th Guardians of the Galaxy Annual # 1 will see Hercules face a new rival, a younger prince ready to overtake him. ""Eventually the world will be able to learn the true, tragic story of the Prince of Power"said author Ewing.

In the end, Avengers Annual # 1 will bring this unpredictable saga to an end and reveal the secret of the Infinity Stones. The Infinite Destinies event begins June 2nd with Iron Man Annual # 1, while the final chapter, Avengers Annual, releases on August 25th.

Here is the announcement from Marvel Infinite Destinies. Summus is the new LGBTQ + hero from Marvel Comics.

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