After fighting Goku and Vegeta in Planet Prison, Cumber was defeated by Cooler. However, when this threat was believed to have been eliminated, it reappeared here in the parallel universe created by Fu. Back to the fight with the protagonists, here is the real face of the evil Saiyan from Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

The space-time war, the new saga of the commercial anime, has brought Goku and Vegeta to the parallel universe, a mysterious creation by Fu in which the best fighters in the franchise have descended. Among the various returns, including Hearts, Broly, and Turles, in the Earth alternate version Cumber is also available, the evil Saiyan who caused a lot of trouble for the protagonists in the first story arc of the series.

Back in the company of Turles to fight Vegeta and prove who among them is the strongest Saiyan, Cumber is completely hit by a Galick cannon. After the attack, the respirator covers the lower part of his face is completely destroyed and shows the features of the evil Saiyan for the first time. With a grin, Cumber falls to the ground and prostrates himself in front of the Saiyan prince.

As you can see from the clip that user DBS Hype shared on Twitter and that can be found at the bottom of the article, you can find the Cumber's bare face it's not very different from that of Goku Super Saiyan 3. And what do you think of this exclusive protagonist from Super Dragon Ball Heroes? Would you like to see it again, maybe in a canonical work?

Meanwhile, a legendary Saiyan was born in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Soon we might see Super Saiyan RosΓ© 2 in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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