To mark Goku Day on May 9th, Toei Animation announced that it is working on one new Dragon Ball Super movie, a film that has been in production for a while and will take a completely different route than Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Despite these words, fans hope to see an old antagonist.

At the moment nothing for sure is known about this new project, except that it will arrive in 2022 and that, according to Akira Toriyama, it will have a completely original visual part and epic battles. In addition, the legendary mangaka revealed in the message to fans that we will see "an unexpected character" without losing anything in the plot.

Those words caused the community to go wild and the full name of this mysterious character went crazy on social media. Of the various names that have come up, the most common is that of cooler, Freeza's older brother who made his debut in Dragon Ball Z: The Destiny of the World.

Just like with Broly, fans want Cooler to become one canonical character. On the other hand, he reached his golden form in the commercial anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes, a transformation that would allow him to keep up with Goku and Vegeta. Additionally, Freeza is heavily involved in the new Dragon Ball super manga saga, so it's not unlikely to see his brother's sudden debut.

In particular, they would like to see or want a return completely new character? In the meantime, here's whoever deserves the role of the antagonist in the new Dragon Ball Super movie. The new Dragon Ball Super movie will likely be shot in CG.

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